Luminaires Controlled Lighting

Konica Minolta Luminaires Controlled Lighting

Ideal for:

Packaging, Printing, Plastics, Paper, (Automotive, Paints, Inks, Textiles Appliances, Furniture

The GLE-M provides highly accurate light source control simply by pushing one button. The control panel on these luminaires provide easy-to-use, automatic light source sequencing as well as "instant on" standardized light source selection. This instrument allows you to easily determine which light source is in use with brightly illuminated buttons. Additionally, the GTI ColorGuard II indicates hours used and time until a relamp is needed for all sources.

The distinctive design of the GLE-M series allows you to utilize up to 8 overhead luminaires by using one remote control, rendering it ideal for any sample size. For single luminaire installation, the GLE-M4/32 (or GLE-M5/32) is used. This includes the GTI ColorGuard II lamp timing center and the "soft-touch" digital lamp control. Additionally, both multiple unit installations and remote control and are easily accommodated.

(Note: multiple unit applications and remote control both require particular models. Contact Konica Minolta Sensing for more details.)

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  • Home Light (Incandescent A)
  • Optional Source on GLE-M5/32 (TL83 3000K standard)
  • Artificial Daylight (D65, D50, or D75)
  • Store Light (TL84 or CWF)
  • Ultraviolet (BLB)

Model Description Dimensions (H x W x D) Electrical* Shipping
GLE-M4/32 4 source Luminaire w/GTI ColorGuard II 3.5" x 52" x 30" (9 cm x 132 cm x 76 cm) 420 watts 55 lbs (25 kgs)
GLE-M5/32 5 source Luminaire w/GTI ColorGuard II 3.5" x 52" x 30" (9 cm x 132 cm x 76 cm) 420 watts 60 lbs (27 kgs)

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