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Non-Contact In-Line Measurement System

The NC-1 non-contact in-line measurement system is the latest and most innovative color technology. This high-speed color monitoring and control system provides the manufacturer with real-time data about the color quality during the production process. With the advanced NC-1 color sensors, the process is controlled and the color of the product remains consistent minimizing waste and downtime, while increasing production efficiency.
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  • Connect up to 5 Sensors  as many as five measurement probes can be placed evenly across a product surface to capture uniformity of color for real time assessment
  • Reflectance or Transmittance Mode  illumination and sensors may be positioned to measure either reflected light, or transmitted light
  • Variety of Surface and Texture Measurement  dependable color measurement of smooth and uneven surfaces
  • Unique Optical System and Color Display  four digit color display for greater precision
  • Remote System Access  for process control interface and remote data access
  • Process Control System  closed loop interface for optimum system and color control reducing errors by quickly adjusting the process
  • Advanced Touch-Screen Display  equipped with a number of features designed to simplify system programming and operations
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