Instrument Systems RMH 45

Instrument Systems RMH 45 Reflection Measurement Head
Instrument Systems Light Measurement

If you need a convenient and inexpensive adapter for reflection measurements consider the RMH 45 reflection measurement head from Instrument Systems. This adapter can determine both specular reflectance (45 degrees incidence, 45 degrees measurement configurations) and diffuse reflectance (both 45 and zero degree configuration) on the surface of test samples.

First establish the base line using a reflectance standard before positioning the reflection head over a test sample, prior to a measurement. The RMH 45 then would have the fiber bundle connected to the 45 degree or zero degree configuration depending on whether the specular or diffuse reflection is to be measured.

The RMH 45 has two options available as a choice of light source. The first is a compact 10W halogen lamp fixed to the head. The second is a fiber connector to be used with the LS 100 or LS 500 light sources by Instrument Systems. Fiber operation can assist with measurements in the UV down to 220nm.

  • 45 degrees / 0 degrees geometry for diffuse reflection
  • 45 degrees / 45 degrees geometry for specular reflection
  • halogen lamp for wavelength range 380 - 2200 nm
  • optional fiber connector for independent light sources
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