Konica Minolta Sensing Services

Equipment Rental and Leasing

Konica Minolta Sensing Equipment Rental and Leasing offers clients the ability to rent or lease new color and light measurement equipment, a real advantage when cost is a consideration.

Why leasing and rentals benefits your business
  • Conserves your cash and working capital cash is not tied up in equipment. Instead, money is available for opportunities such as marketing, working capital, or seasonal cash flow needs.
  • Preserves your credit lines your existing lines of credit and borrowing availability are left untouched - ready to use for operational and short term financing needs.
  • Pay only for what you use monthly payments allow you to use your equipment immediately - your only initial cash outlay is the first and last rental payment. And, the new equipment, with its operating efficiencies, pays for itself as you use it...over time.
  • Budget limitations are overcome in situations where limited budgets would ordinarily delay or prevent the acquisition of equipment due to a limit on capital expenditures, leasing allows for quick budget approval due to its small monthly expense. A lease can fit the tightest of budgetary constraints.

Conserve your cash, preserve your credit line, and overcome your budget limitations with Konica Minolta Sensing’s convenient and easy rental and leasing options. Contact your Regional Sales Manager or call (888) 473-2656 to discuss Konica Minolta leasing and rental options.

Konica Minolta Sensing Equipment Rental and Leasing