Konica Minolta Sensing Services

Product and Application Training

Konica Minolta Sensing's In-House or On-Site Product and Application Training Programs are designed to provide the highest level of technical knowledge on our Color and Light measurement instruments. The training sessions also provide assistance in how to properly install, set-up, configure, and utilize our instruments and accompanying software.

Training sessions are lead by experienced, certified trainers, assuring your personnel obtain a full understanding of Konica Minolta hardware, software solutions, and color and light sciences. Training ensures personnel of all levels are up to speed; meeting the demanding needs associated with industrial measurement systems.

Training is offered in a variety of flexible and convenient formats including on site, at Konica Minolta headquarters, and via the web. Full and half-day options are available.

In addition to product training, full-day seminars are also available covering everything from visual judgment, the definition of color, and the eye-brain connection, to the outside influences of color perception, color consistency and repeatability, and the use of measurement instruments.

Industries ranging from paints, plastics, auto manufacturing, food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and others are perfect candidates for Konica Minolta color seminars, and each seminar can be customized for your specific business or audience.

Contact us to learn more about product & application training or to arrange an on-site color seminar at your organization.

Konica Minolta Sensing Product and Application Training Conference