Instrument Systems Goniophotometers

If you need assistance measuring angle dependent spectral measurements, Instrument Systems has developed a comprehensive line of goniophotometers to meet your needs. Instrument Systems Goniophotometers are used to analyze angle dependent spatial radiation properties of SSL lamps and LED modules. Instrument Systems has two varieties of goniophotometers, one used for Large SSL lamps and LED modules as well as one designed for use in small to medium SSL Luminaries and LED modules. These instruments are capable of exporting data in an easily readable EULUMDAT format and provide exceptionally accurate measurement of luminous intensity distribution and luminous flux. The LGS 1000 model has an optional addition of a luminous flux integrator. Instrument Systems also offers a Type C Design for that particular goniophotometer model which is designed with a horizontal optical axis. This makes setting up a measuring path much simpler and allows measurements for specimens up to 1900mm in diameter.

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