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Instrument Systems Products

Instrument Systems LED Testers

Instrument Systems is proud to announce that their LED testing products tend to be the most popular LED measurement accessories. Instrument Systems LED Testers enable you to take precise lab measurements and move them to a production environment. This system is very easy to operate and works in conjunction with three technologies: our own testing software running on a control PC; the Keithley Series 24000/2600 Sourcemeter, and the powerful CAS140CT CCD Array Spectrometer. This collaboration between Instrument Systems LED testers and their other products works best for environments where continuous applications are required. Whatever the application, various results can be selected and then structured and displayed on the monitor. When using the Instrument Systems LSM 350, the testing cycles can be carried out forty percent shorter than other products. It is extremely accurate with all measurements happened at exactly the same time which contributes to the faster test cycle. Instrument Systems LED Testing products are extremely useful and flexible making it distinct from similar products offered by competitors.

Instrument Systems LED Testers
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