Supply Chain Management: Cloud Technology Optimizes Process for Controlling Brand and Product Colors

When there are multiple departments, facilities, and suppliers involved in manufacturing a product, producing a consistent-looking finished product and meeting standards through an efficient process is a difficult challenge. The inability to generate, access, and share accurate data across the global supply chain without delay often leads to product inconsistencies, longer time to market, and increased waste. As the supply chain grows, the process becomes even more complex and the need for seamless communication heightens. High accuracy, real-time data is key for communicating and meeting brand and product color specifications while minimizing time to market and improving productivity across the global supply chain.

Using a Cloud Platform to Control Color More Efficiently

Cloud software platforms, such as Colibri software, enable users to instantly share and access data anywhere, anytime. This technology provides a single, organized database to manage color palettes, store color specifications and color values of samples, and access data generated internally and from suppliers around the globe. When combined with high accuracy color measurement instrumentation, the coordination of brand and product colors is seamless from design to the manufacturer to the finished product.

Brand owners and manufacturers use cloud technology to:

1. Gain Complete Visibility across the Global Supply Chain
Access and share real-time color measurement data and color standards/specifications anywhere, anytime to ensure each department, facility, and supplier are meeting standards

2. Optimize Management of Color Palettes
Store color standards/specifications in one central database for improved organization and optimized management of color palettes and data

3. Shorten Time to Market
Instead of physically shipping standards and waiting days to receive data, access and share color standards as well as real-time measurement data instantly without delay. This also enables users to identify and correct inefficiencies earlier in the process for improved productivity and output

4. Minimize Errors and Waste
Identify inconsistencies in real-time, enabling users to make faster, more informed decisions and take corrective action immediately to prevent future rejects and waste

5. Reduce Operational Costs
By minimizing rejects and waste, reducing shipping costs and time to market, and correcting inconsistencies before they impact operations, resources are utilized better and costs are significantly reduced

The ability to access and share accurate, real-time data without delay significantly improves efficiency and productivity. The global color process transforms from a complex supply chain web to a more simplified, visible global network, enabling users to meet goals smarter and more efficiently. With a color management cloud platform, brand and product colors can be communicated and controlled from design to manufacturer to finished product with less waste, time, and effort.

To share real-time data and optimize your process for controlling brand and product colors, the following products are recommended:

Colibri Color Management Software (Cloud Platform) >
Specify, formulate, evaluate, and coordinate color from design to manufacturer to finished product

Color Measurement Instrumentation >
Generate precise data to help you perform more effectively

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