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EINES Surface Paint Quality Scanner On-Demand

An exclusive webinar for GM on the latest technology in automated scanning systems to detect car body defects presented by Konica Minolta Sensing. The EINES® esφi Paint-Quality Scanner is the first system able to scan on a moving line with short cycle times, and respectively no interruption of production tact times resulting in higher productivity and efficiency. The Scanner configurable for all current and future car bodies within similar dimensions.

The Scanner is able to scan bi-tone cars and has the capability of auto teaching new colors. Besides detecting small coating defects down to 0.1mm² such as orange peel, pinholes and other paint microdefects, it also detects dents and peaks. EINES, the established name in European Automotive Industry for surface inspection is now a Konica Minolta company, and we are excited to offer you this new technology.

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