SPIE Optics & Photonics 2020

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August 24th-28th 2020

Exhibit Hall Hours:

24 hr. Virtual

About Our Event

The Optics and Photonics Digital Forum is a no-charge event that will focus on the latest technologies through live plenary presentations and on-demand technical talks, collaborate with exhibiting companies, and enjoy connecting with colleagues through online networking events. Mark your calendar and plan to connect with your community and advance your research.

Konica Minolta Sensing will be available virtually at the SPIE Photonics and Optics digital forum with its booth available August 24th-28th. Featured product will be its high-class spectroradiometer line with the worldwide reference CAS 140D and the high resolution CAS 140 CT-HR series. These are the instruments of choice to measure light radiation’s spectral and color characteristics with highest accuracy and long-term precision.  Measuring challenges can easily be met by combining a variety of optical spectrometers with a wide range of Instrument System accessories. A multitude of applications is covered by our system solutions – UV-VIS spectroradiometry, luminous / radiant flux, LED and display production testing (including µLEDs, VCSELs and OLEDs) and also goniometric measurements. Visit us at the Konica Minolta virtual booth to discuss further your technical needs.

How to participate?

  1. Register today at SPIE Optics and Photonics
  2. Starting  August 24th visit Konica Minolta Sensing online here

Featured Products

CAS 140D Array Spectroradiometer

CAS 140D Array Spectroradiometer

The CAS 140D represents the fourth generation of the worldwide extremely successful series of high-end array spectrometers from Instrument Systems.

CAS 140CT-HR - High Resolution Array Spectroradiometer

CAS 140CT-HR – High Resolution Array Spectroradiometer

The high-resolution CAS 140CT-HR is based on Instrument Systems’ high-end array spectrometer CAS 140CT, a product line that has achieved extraordinary success around the world.

CAS 120-HR and CAS 120B-HR - High resolution Array Spectroradiometers

CAS 120-HR and CAS 120B-HR – High resolution Array Spectroradiometers

The high resolution CAS 120-HR spectroradiometer is based on Instrument Systems’ high-performance array spectrometer CAS 120, a product line that has achieved extraordinary success around the world. The CAS 120-HR is particularly designed for the measurement of narrow band emitters, e.g. laser diodes. Therefore, the spectroradiometers combine the demands of high spectral resolution and short testing times for sophisticated and price-sensitive measurement tasks in production and laboratory environments.

ISP 250

Integrating Spheres UV

Instrument Systems offers complete measurement solutions for UV-A, -B and -C radiation starting from 200 nm. The operation of the well-proven Instrument Systems spectroradiometers, e.g. CAS series, with integrating spheres made from PTFE facilitate high sensitivity measurements of UV radiant flux.

Booth Staff

Jay Catral

Jay Catral

Chief Technical Advisor (Radiometrics), Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc.

Jay started with Minolta’s Photographic Division in 1992. In 2002 he later transferred to, what was then, Minolta’s Instrument Systems Division as the Master Technician for the Service Department. Jay attended De La Salle University in Manila, Philippines majoring in Electronics Engineering with a minor in Communications. Currently, Jay serves as Technical Sales and Applications Manager for Canada, Texas and Southeastern United States.

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