Colibri® ColorSpec

Colibri® ColorSpec enables designers, brand owners, manufacturers, and material producers to use real colors in their artwork. Users can define color standards, dependent standards, and related tolerances for their products and communicate these brands, designs, and standards to their suppliers.

The ColorSpec features are an integral part of all ColorMatch and ColorQuality licenses but can also be beneficial as additional and separate licenses if managing standards is a high priority.

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  • Transfer of color standards, substrates and catalogs to third party software seamlessly
  • Historical data storage of color standards
  • Increase in cooperation between participants in the supply chain.
  • Improvements in communication between manufacturers, brand owners and their suppliers.
  • Standardization, definition, and referencing of shades
  • Design mark-ups for consistent and accurate color monitoring
  • Brand and design management

Additional Options

  • Color Plugin – Originally created for use with Adobe Illustrator design software, this Add-on helps prepress and creative designers to connect to Colibri’s central database and choose approved brand colors in addition to real color standards based on spectral color data necessary for use in their artworks. Designers have an option to work offline but it is necessary to re-connect to Colibri to get color data approval status.
  • Color Feasibility – This option is very helpful in predicting color consistency and feasibility in a variety of applications, technologies, and substrates in early stages of color specification. Based on real colorant data, this tool has been developed with user-friendly templates to simplify the color feasibility process at the very start of the development process.
Management of Brands and Designs
Color ​feasibility Check in the design stage​