Colibri® ColorTint

Colibri® ColorTint controls the dispensing of colorants on tinting machines either in the Lab, bulk production, or in smaller amounts at the point of sale (POS). It helps produce the expected quality in different amounts or sizes with different pre-fillings and fill levels. Interfaces to various tinting machines are available and can dispense volumetrically or gravimetrically. Dispensing can be done manually or based on recipes stored in the database. Produced amounts are saved as a base for statistical analysis or recipe correction and dispensing of batch corrections. Flexible label printing and recipe reporting are possible based on predefined templates. Colibri®ColorTint is easy to learn, easy to use, and operated by anyone with minimal support and training.

When using Colibri®ColorMatch for recipe prediction, having access to a central database offers time-savings as data is instantly available for dispensing in production or at the POS.

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  • Highly accurate transfer of recipes to dispensing machines improves production quality.
  • Quick access to developed recipes from their color standards and catalogs.
  • Reduce time-to-supply with user-friendly workflows and automatic communication with your dispensing machine.
  • Customize filling conditions allows you the flexibility to supply to order.
  • Connect easily to large enterprise networks to facilitate scale up to production.