Legacy Program

Return the old and we’ll reward you with the new. Upgrade your instrument for up to $1800 towards the purchase of a new model.

Konica Minolta Sensing’s color measurement technology is continually evolving. Our Next-generation models have improved speed, accuracy, advanced system capabilities and additional functionalities.

Konica Minolta Sensing experts can assist you, our valued customers, in cost effectively replacing legacy instruments while keeping your current color management process in place.

Contact us to get a quote for an upgrade allowance that can assist you in purchasing a newer Konica Minolta color measurement instrument. Cash-back value is determined by type, model, and condition. All instruments in good working condition, regardless of manufacturer or date purchased, are considered.

Eligible Konica Minolta Products

Eligible models include any Konica Minolta or competitors' colorimeter or spectrophotometer. Below are the eligible Konica Minolta instruments:

Model Type Recommended Successor
CM-508d Portable Spectrophotometer CM-700d/600d
CM-2002 Portable Spectrophotometer CM-700d/600d
CR-200 Chroma-Meter CR-400
CR-300 Chroma-Meter CR-400
CR-310 Chroma-Meter CR-400

The terms and conditions are simple. Contact us to speak to our experts about your specific application or for additional information regarding this promotion.