Calibration Center

Calibration Center

As with all precision instruments, Konica Minolta Sensing’s measuring instruments require regular calibration to maintain optimum performance within the manufacturer’s specifications and tolerances.

Konica Minolta Sensing’s state of the art calibration laboratory ensures that your instruments are always working at peak performance. Konica Minolta’s service facility is dedicated to providing quality, performance, and value.

What is Calibration?
Calibration is the comparison between measurement results of a device (unit under test) and another (standard) device with known or assigned values. Both daily instrument calibration and annual calibration are important to maintaining consistent and reliable readings from your Konica Minolta instruments.

Why is calibration important?
Over time, there is a tendency for results and accuracy to drift. Calibration quantifies and controls errors or uncertainties within measurement processes to an acceptable level. To be confident in the results being measured, it is imperative to maintain the calibration of equipment throughout its lifetime for reliable, accurate, and repeatable measurements.