Calibration Center

Instrument Systems Calibration

Calibrations for dependable readings
To maintain 100% precision for all your measurements, Konica Minolta Sensing Americas provides a complete calibration service for all Instrument Systems tools. As a testament to their quality, our calibration services are in line with the regulations set by ISO 17025 and based on PBT or NIST national standards. The terms of reference for the measurements are supplied in a certificate for each calibration.

A higher quality of calibration with Instrument Systems
Instrument Systems Repair and Calibration is only done by our own technicians in the controlled setting of our laboratory. The quality of our employees and facility are also evaluated and certified as part of the accreditation process to comply with ISO 17025. Our customers can be confident in their measurements and test results that are calibrated to these standards, as well as third party standards for specific industries.

  • Luminous intensity or “Averaged LED Intensity” for LEDs: ILED-A and ILED-B in conformity with CIE 127:2007
  • Luminous flux for LEDs in conformity with CIE 127:2007
  • Spectral irradiance from 200 – 2500 nm
  • Luminance and radiance from 360 – 1100nm
  • Luminous flux and radiant power from 360 – 1100 nm

Konica Minolta Sensing Americas provides service on all products and models for the entire US and Canada market, including but not limited to: