Essential Equipment Care: Annual Spectrophotometer Calibration

ou count on your spectrophotometer for unwavering color identification accuracy. Reliable color measurement readings depend on perfect spectrophotometer calibration. Because there is no room for error, a three-part calibration process is essential to ensuring proper values.

Each part of the spectrophotometer calibration process is directly tied to the others; none may be neglected if accuracy is to be maintained. True color measurement requires initial factory calibration, daily maintenance calibration, and annual factory calibration. The final step is the most often ignored, but it is a best practice for spectrophotometer care and continuing color measurement accuracy.

Initial factory calibration is already completed when the spectrophotometer is delivered to you. Now that it’s in your hands, maintenance calibration is up to you. For continuing guaranteed color measurement accuracy, maintenance calibration should be performed on a daily basis. This prevents spectrophotometer values from varying from the perfect initial definitions. Consult the manufacturer’s manual for instructions on proper equipment care and daily maintenance calibration procedures for your particular instrument.

With true initial factory calibration and consistent daily maintenance calibration, your spectrophotometer continues to provide reliable color measurement readings from day to day. Users sometimes conclude that their daily calibrations are all that’s needed. In the short term, this is true. Your high-quality spectrophotometer takes dependable readings repeatedly with performance of daily calibration.

On a long-term basis, however, the continuing absolute accuracy of your spectrophotometer readings requires an additional step: annual factory calibration. Despite your undeviating efforts with daily maintenance calibration, spectrophotometer definitions invariably drift from their baseline settings with repeated use over time. Such value change occurs naturally and is unavoidable it is not in and of itself an indication of inferior quality and every spectrophotometer experiences it.

Such minute variances are undetectable as they occur, and at first they have no practical implications. These variances do gradually alter your spectrophotometer’s baseline definitions, though. Each variance that is individually insignificant to the accuracy of color measurement readings also has a compounding effect on the instrument’s overall calibration.

As a result, color readings can become distorted over the years. This is not, however, an inevitability. It simply makes annual factory calibration a necessity to continuing accuracy. The manufacturer is able to recalibrate the spectrophotometer to its perfect initial definitions. Any tiny variances are thus eliminated. Your subsequent daily maintenance calibrations continue to return your equipment to proper, rather than ever-so-slightly distorted, values.

Along with consistent, long-term reliability, annual factory spectrophotometer calibration allows you to keep up-to-date certifications. With it, you renew certification of meeting important national and international calibration standards. For example, annual factory calibration by

Konica Minolta ensures and certifies compliance with standards set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the Japan Calibration Service System (JCSS), and the National Physical Laboratory (NPL).

The reliability of your spectrophotometer’s color measurement readings are crucial to your work. That’s why you’ve chosen Konica Minolta for the highest quality, most reliable instruments available. It also motivates your consistent efforts to maintain initial factory definitions with daily calibration. Make sure your daily calibrations remain accurate over time, and that your spectrophotometer delivers absolute accuracy for its long life, with annual factory calibration.

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