Blue Light Safety

Discussions in lighting safety standards has become a growing topic of conversation as we see the significant increase of modern solid-state lighting (SSL) light sources and UVC “blue light” in our daily environment.

One specific concern is that of photobiological safety and its direct correlation to blue light hazard (BLH). Blue light between 400 nm and 500 nm causes photochemical damage to the retina and may lead to degeneration of the macula. The current international Standard IEC 62471 contains guidelines for evaluating the photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systems. To ensure reliable evaluation, it places high demands on measuring equipment and procedures.

Konica Minolta Sensing and Instrument System provide measurement systems that can help determine the Blue Light Hazard risk of LED light sources and luminaires between 300 nm and 700 nm (i.e. only partially in the UV spectrum).  LEDs are classified by the international Technological Standards IEC 62471 for photobiological safety – the respective risk classes range from 0 (exempt) to 3 (high risk).

Konica Minolta Sensing and Instrument Systems offers two different Blue Light Hazard measurement systems, both based on our CAS 140D with stray light correction, covering the spectral range from 300 nm to 700 nm.  The stray light corrected CAS 140D Instrument Systems is the first to offer an array spectrometer that can reliably assess the blue light hazard from light sources within the prescribed limiting values. Prior, only double monochromators were recommended for this task, as an underestimation of the blue light hazard was possible in measurements with a spectroradiometer on array spectrometer basis due to stray light. The CAS 140D avoids this in two ways: The optics and mechanics used in the spectrograph block are optimized with regard to disturbing stray light. Additionally, a unique stray light correction matrix is integrated in the calibration procedure. Both innovations combined ensure an up to now unachieved precision in the determination of the blue light hazard with an array spectrometer.

Konica Minolta Sensing Americas has been providing resources and instruments for many years as well as setting UV LED calibration standards and addressing the hazards of blue light through our various testing processes. To learn more about our UV measurement instruments visit us at

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