Deck the Halls with LED Lights!

‘Tis the season for trimming the tree and putting up those holiday lights, but if your holiday bonus goes towards paying your electric bill you don’t have to say bah-humbug to holiday decorating. Now you can take the extra sting out of decorating for the holidays by making your light displays more energy efficient. Many homeowners are choosing to use LED holiday lights in their displays now that LED string lights are becoming more commonplace.

There are a number of excellent reasons to make the switch from incandescent to LED holiday lights; the first is the reduced electrical usage. LED string lights use about 90% less electricity, which definitely takes the pain out of the post-holiday energy bills. Also, most LED light strands burn just as bright as incandescent bulbs if not more brightly, but just make sure you buy LED’s in the color you want as some can give off a bright bluish glow.

Even with all of these pluses there is one reason that stands out above all the others that makes LED lights one of the holiday’s biggest miracles. LED’s don’t burn out, they simply fade over time, so gone are the days of trying to find those small replacement bulbs and plug them into a strand of dead lights. Ever try to figure out which light is the dead light when the whole strand goes out? Well, for those lucky people who never have, now you’ll never have to!

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