Preserving Photomicrography Image Accuracy Through Color Calibration

Creating clearly defined specimens and easily reproducible results are two of the most important aspects of laboratory research. Unfortunately, for many researchers using imaging microscopes, trying to maintain a specimen’s true color in photomicrography images can be very difficult. In the past, researchers had to use film based photomicrography which often had discrepancies in color due to differences in film and camera quality. Even after digital imaging in photomicrography became common, differences in color due to camera quality and acquisition software still create color issues with photos of specimens.

As a result, many researchers have been seeking methods to preserve a specimen’s true colors consistently. Some have even resorted to recoloring the images with photo editing software like Photoshop, but even this can create issues with specimen color consistency. In the hands of the unscrupulous or the panicked, the temptation to alter specimen results entirely is a very real problem. In an effort to eliminate this practice, a standard for color rendition that preserves the original image data is being developed. This is being done by capturing a color fingerprint of the entire imaging session and creating an algorithm that will automatically color calibrate each image of the specimen. These algorithms can also be expanded to automatically white balance and match brightness, which means that the final images produced will be much more color accurate and consistently the same color.

Even with these algorithms, if researchers forget or do not calibrate their monitors after every image capture process, the colors can still become distorted and inaccurate. To avoid this, a chroma meter is used to measure color output from the monitor objectively. The colorimeter software is then able to recalibrate the monitor to an industry standard. By doing this, better image clarity, and more accurate colors for photomicrography can be preserved. Konica Minolta has a number of high quality chroma meters and color analyzers capable of handling these vital color calibration procedures. Speak to a consultant today to learn more about how color calibration can improve accuracy in your lab results.

The following products are recommended for handling vital color calibration procedures:

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