FD Data Management

The software “FD-s1w” offers several functions.

Basic measurement functions
It enables transfer of measurements to MS® Excel®. The user can specify the values to be sent as well as the ordering.

Management of User-Illuminant files
The software allows to measure light sources, save them as file and upload them to the FD-7 or FD-5. It allows to download spectra which are stored in the FD-7 for saving them to a harddisk for later reuse.

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Management of ColorSets
A ColorSet holds colour and tone value standards. These can be used to:

  • Control a print against a ColorSet with ISOCHECK
  • Adjust a press to a target with TARGETMATCH
  • Save Spotcolour aim values for specific jobs in the FDs

Standard ColorSets are already included which are:

  • GraCol papertype 1
  • SWOP PT3
  • SWOP PT5
  • JapanColorCoated
  • ISO 12647-2 papertype 1-5 black backing
  • FOGRA39 whitebacking
  • FOGRA43 whitebacking
  • PT4 and PT5 whitebacking
  • IFRA26 whitebacking
  • IFRA26 blackbacking
  • LWC whitebacking
  • LWCPlus whitebacking
  • MFC whitebacking
  • SC whitebacking
  • SNP whitebacking

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