Specim ONE

SpecimONE – All-In-One Spectral Imaging
SpecimONE takes hyperspectral imaging to the next level with this all-in-one capture, software and hardware platform that gives industrial sorting an easy-to-use, forward-thinking hand in getting the job done quickly and efficiently in one cost-effective solution—without the need for coding or deep knowledge of spectral imaging. The platform, flexible enough for use by numerous industries, combines:

• Integrated software (SpecimINSIGHT)
• Sorting hardware (SpecimCUBE)
• A series of industrial-level hyperspectral imaging cameras (FX10, FX10c, FX17, FX50)

In addition to the platform’s ease-of-use and short turn-to-market time, machine builders, vision systems integrators and other OEMs choose SpecimONE for its compatibility with major industrial standards and seamless integration with machine vision systems. Moreover, the globally recognized platform allows for classification of different materials based on their spectral signature offline, that can then be applied seamlessly—and in real time—to inline systems.

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SpecimINSIGHT – Sorting Software
SpecimINSIGHT is an offline software that streamlines the process of sifting through hyperspectral imaging data, making it easy to validate and create classification models. Tailor-made to fit industrial sorting needs and requirements, the platform is built to work with data captured in FX series hyperspectral imaging cameras, it’s fast classification algorithm PLS-DA and support for MROI functionality benefitting from the instruments’ extremely high-speed. A flexible platform, SpecimINSIGHT supports all Specim dataset format cameras.

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SpecimCUBE – Processing Hardware
SpecimCUBE hyperspectral imaging hardware is a high-performance processing platform designed to run the classification models created by SpecimINSIGHT in real time, including optimized software that meets industry requirements for throughput, latency and jitter. SpecimCUBE specifications include the following: hardware is GigE Vision compliant, follows TCP/IP protocol, leverages UDP Vision UDP protocol for data streaming and FTP for transfer of datasets.

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