Color and Appearance Software

Konica Minolta Sensing’s software programs are designed with advanced capabilities to help users evaluate and control the color and appearance of samples through an easier and more effective process. Each program is compatible with select Konica Minolta Sensing colorimeters and spectrophotometers for a complete solution. To find which solution best fits your application and operational needs, please browse through our selection of software programs below.

Spectramagic NX2 Screen

SpectraMagic™ NX2 Color Data Software

Effortlessly manage and control colors with ease, whether it is measuring incoming raw materials, monitoring in-process production, or ensuring the quality of color-critical finished goods and materials.

CM-SA Skin Analysis Software

CM-SA Skin Analysis Software

The CM-SA skin analysis software works in conjunction with Konica Minolta spectrophotometers to measure the color of skin.