Measuring the Brightness and Quality of Light with the T-10A Series Illuminance Meters

Back in March, we introduced our T-10A series illuminance meters that we created to allow the measurement of the brightness of light falling on a surface. They’re two of many Konica Minolta light meters that are proving highly useful in numerous industries that perform light measurement.

The T-10A’s receptor head can be detached so users can perform measurements from multiple points. The T-10MA, with its mini receptor, is ideal for use in tight spaces that are too small for standard receptor heads to fit. Users can take light level measurements by attaching the device to jigs or other pieces of equipment.

As with all of our light meters, both instruments in the T-10A series return measurement data of the highest accuracy. They are used to inspect sources of light, for measuring the illuminance of street and security lights, by the manufacturers of lighting products for research and development, architects to validate design specs, and in other tasks where the characterizes of light distribution or total flux is necessary.

These illuminance meters meet several conformance standards that ensure the highest accuracy when measuring illuminance. The standards include requirements set down by the German Institute for Standardization – Class AA of JIS 1609-1:2006 – Illuminance meters part 1 – General measuring instruments, and DIN 5032 Part 7 1985 Class-B. The T-10A series light meters also conform to the European Union’s “Restriction on Hazardous Substances” directive.

LED lighting uses pluse width modulation (PWM) technique to save energy and for maximum efficiency. The T-10A/T-10MA were designed with this lighting technology in mind. Conventional meters will return lower values, but the T-10A/T-10M’s circuits adjust to the rapidly changing light source and display the correct measurement.

The detachable receptor head allows users to take remote measurements when it is connected to the main body of the unit with a LAN cable. LAN cables can also be used to connect multiple detachable heads to a main body. In this instance, multipoint measurements can be made of as many as 30 points.

Either product provides you with a light meter that’s extremely easy to use featuring a sliding body panel for multiple operation functionality. They come with a cover for the keypad to prevent striking the keys accidentally. Other features include:

Calibrates automatically to zero when the unit is turned on. Hit the power button, and you’re ready to measure.

Can measure multiple types of light sources including PWM-controlled.

Illuminance comparison values, average values and illumination are displayed on a backlit LCD screen.

The T-10A and T-10MA are run on AA batteries and are portable and compact.

With manual and automatic settings, these devices can measure across a wide range. They even measure flickering light.

These two powerful and advanced light meters give technicians the measuring accuracy they demand, the versatility that allows them to perform multiple types of illuminance measurements, and ease of use, which is built into all of our portable measuring instruments. If you’d like to know how the T-10A and T-10MA can bring these and more benefits to your operation, please call (800) 473-2656, or you can contact us through our website at

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