Spectralight I and II Users: Come Out of the Dark and Into the Light!

Whether you call it a Spectralight (aka SPL), a Macbeth Light or a Light Box, if you own/use an older version (SPL I and/or SPL II), you probably have heard they announced the end of service and support for these light booths. This support includes spare parts (such as lamps) you may have replaced yourself or had done through a 3rd party service agent. If you are an ISO house, you cannot get traceable certification on your SPL I/II units any longer.

Unfortunately, the only proposed solution to this problem is to have you upgrade to the new SPL QC, which is close to $7,000 USD. Konica Minolta Sensing can help. We offer the highly-regarded CMB-2540 light booth as a direct replacement for any SPL unit in size and functionality. For years, the SPL has been promoted as having the “best-simulated daylight” and having a CIE Publication 51/ISO 23603 rating of AC (though this rating is not listed/published on new unit certifications). It is likely that new units have the same rating as the CMB-2540; BC, which meets these standards mentioned above. You will be hard pressed to get any documentation stating otherwise. Why do we mention this? Because it is claimed that the significant price and high cost of ownership are needed to have this “best in class” daylight. For approximately 40% less than a new SPL QC light booth, you can own a CMB-2540 through Konica Minolta Sensing America. That doesn’t even include the money you will be saving on the cost of ownership and service. There is no need for expensive on-site service contracts that have months-long waiting periods. Through the technology in the CMB-2540, you can certify your own light booth. Even one of the leading US Automotive Paint companies has already moved from SPL units to the CMB-2540 and is extremely pleased.

So ask yourself, do you have a need to do visual color matching under LED light sources? Are your customers moving to LED to illuminate their stores/work areas? If so, the CMB-2540 can offer an LED light source (3000K, 3500K or 4100K) at no additional costs. Your Spectralight, old or new, can’t do that so Contact a Konica Minolta Color Expert Today.

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