Spectrodensitometers for Packaging Color Accuracy and Consistency

Color is one of the most fundamental aspects of human interaction with the world. When we look at something, its color helps form our initial impression; it is part of basic identity. Color has the power to affect our mood and to subconsciously alter the way any given object makes us feel. For generations, companies across all industries have researched how colors speak to consumers and implemented their findings with meticulously honed designs.

The most recognizable brands in the world are all associated with specific colors. Sometimes, it’s the colors of a staple product; at other times, it’s the exact hue of a logo. Once established, trademark colors are inextricably entwined with a company’s identity. This familiarity bolsters the strength of a brand immeasurably.

Of course, such strong correlation between color and brand is only achieved with unwavering, ubiquitous consistency. This is where spectrodensitometers come into play. The science of accurately measuring and duplicating colors enables the sort of consistent color usage that ultimately fosters immediate brand identity.

Spectrometers, spectrophotometers, spectrodensitometers, color data software, and other spectroscopic tools give packagers practical ways to communicate via color. As colors become part of brand or corporate identity, consumers begin to associate these colors with the predominant qualities of that brand. Products, services, and companies are marketed as having defining characteristics, such as being the most reliable, the sturdiest, the cheapest, the fastest, the most exclusive, or the healthiest. Over time and with successful marketing, the colors themselves that are associated with these products, services, or companies naturally conjure these qualities in the consumer’s mind.

The use of a spectrodensitometer in packaging go further, though. Colors are often carefully designed to stimulate a particular emotional or biological response, such as calmness or hunger, for example. The study of color has long shown its abilities to elicit these sort of reactions. Packaging color accuracy and consistency is necessary for successful implementation of such psycho-physiological marketing techniques.

Konica Minolta Sensing Americas manufactures one of the newest spectrodensitometers on the market. Our cutting-edge color measurement technologies facilitate the design and flawless mass-production of packaging with accurate, consistent coloration. The array of spectrophotometers, spectrodensitometers, food-specific colorimeters, color data software, and other color and light measurement tools we produce offer perfect solutions for all color quality control needs.

Our color measurement products are guaranteed to provide the most reliable color evaluation with the most user-friendly implementation available on the market. Color quality control for packaging and other needs has never been easier or more dependable. Help foster your brand identity and growth with Konica Minolta color measurement technology. Learn more about these technologies and our comprehensive product catalog by visiting https://sensing.konicaminolta.us/us/technologies/.

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