CM-2500c Spectrophotometer (Discontinued)

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CM-2500c Spectrophotometer

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Recognized as the industry leader of its kind, the CM-2500c Spectrophotometer is a portable 45/0 instrument built to measure the color of samples with stability and unwavering performance. This instrument’s innovative optical system captures the entirety of a sample’s color at any angle or position, enabling users to precisely evaluate, reproduce, and control the color of materials with uneven, curved, or textured surfaces. Its advanced capabilities help to define color specifications, determine if a sample meets the standard, and maintain consistency in each batch of material more efficiently. This makes the CM-2500c ideal for R&D analysis, quality control inspections, and process control procedures.

The CM-2500c Spectrophotometer is compatible with SpectraMagic NX software to record measurements and provide a more comprehensive color analysis.


  • Eligible ISO 17025 Certification
  • Innovative 45/0 geometry system prevents measurement fluctuations for stable, consistent results; ideal for uneven, textured, or curved surfaces
  • Pass/fail assessments immediately determines if the sample meets the defined standard or target color
  • Data displays measurement results, color differences, spectral graphs, and tolerance data clearly for easy interpretation
  • Portable and lightweight handheld design powered by batteries or AC adapter
  • Simple, straightforward navigation wheel with options easily understood by new users
  • Six language options – English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Japanese
  • Integrates with SpectraMagic NX software to record measurements and provide a more comprehensive color analysis


Model CM-2500C
Model Spectrophotometer CM-2500c
Illumination/observation system 45/0 method (45° ring-shaped illumination, vertical viewing)
Light-receiving element Silicon photodiodearray (dual 40 elements)
Spectral separation device Diffraction grating
Wavelength range 360 nm to 740 nm
Wavelength pitch 10 nm
Half bandwitdh Approx. 10 nm
Reflectance range 0 to 175%, resolution: 0.01%
Light source 2 pulsed xenon lamps
Measurement time Approx. 1.5 seconds
Minimum interval between measurements 4 seconds
Battery performance Alkaline manganese: Approx. 1000 measurements, (at 23°C)
Measurement/illumination area Φ7 mm/ Φ11 mm
Repeatability Colorimetric Value: Standard deviation within Delta;E*ab 0.05 (Measurement conditions: White calibration plate measured 30 times at 10-second intervals after white calibration was performed)
Inter instrument agreement Within ΔE*ab 0.25 (Average for 12 BCRA Series II color tiles compared to values measured with master body; at 23°C)
Measurement mode Single measurement/automatic averaging of multiple measurements (auto mode: 3, 5, 8 times/manual mode)
Interface RS-232C serial signals via RJ45 connector; USB 2.0 communication possible when using included USB-Serial Converter Cable IF-A24
Observer 2/10° (CIE 1931/2°, CIE 1964/10°)
Illuminant A, C, D50, D65, F2, F6, F7, F8, F10, F11, F12 (simultaneous evaluation is possible using two light sources)
Display data Spectral value/graph, colorimetric value, color difference value/graph, PASS/FAIL result, ASSESSMENTS (Except for Japanese mode)
Color space/colorimetric data L*a*b*, L*C*h, CMC(1:1), CMC(2:1), CIE94, Hunter Lab, Yxy, Munsell, XYZ, MI, WI (ASTM E313), WI (CIE), YI (ASTM E313/ASTM D1925), ISO Brightness (ISO 2470), Density status A/T, WI/Tint (CIE), CIE 00
Data memory 700
Pass/Fail judgment Tolerance for color difference (Both box and elliptical tolerances can be set)
Power source 4 AA-size batteries or AC adapter
Size (W × H × D) 69 × 96 × 193 mm
Weight Approx. 670 g (without batteries)
Operating temperature/humidity range 5°C to 40°C) with no condensation
Storage temperature/humidity range 0°C to 45°C) with no condensation

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