CM-512m3 Spectrophotometer (Discontinued)

CM-512m3 Spectrophotometer

View our latest version of this instrument, the CM-M6 Spectrophotometer.

The CM-512m3 is a multi-angle spectrophotometer designed specifically for metallic paints. It uses an exclusive geometry with 0 deg viewing and illumination at 25 deg, 45 deg, and 75 deg angles.

This special geometry is truly symmetric and therefore free of orientation errors often found in traditional multi-angle instruments. In addition, this illumination gives very accurate results even on curved surfaces. Therefore difficult samples such as vehicle mirror bodies or door handles can be measured easily. The CM-512m3 is extremely rugged because it is free of any moving parts.

The temperature data of the sample is measured at each measurement. This data is memorized with each sample reading, so that thermochromatic effects can be analyzed. Another practical feature is the infrared data transfer to an external PC, which frees you from troublesome cable connections.

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