CR-14 Color Reader (Discontinued)

CR-14 Color Reader

View our latest version of this instrument, the CR-20 Color Reader

The handheld CR-14 color reader measures the whiteness of foods or raw materials in paste, solid, or powder form. It boasts an impressive LCD screen that displays the CIE Whiteness Index, an international method for expressing whiteness or Hunter Whiteness Index. Being as that color variations of white are particularly obvious and can influence consumer purchases, this is an especially useful in the food industry.

This instrument can be utilized in order to control color from raw materials through the process of manufacturing. It can also quantify the effect that storage has inflicted on the whiteness of a product during transportation. The CR-14 fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. It is both battery-operated and light-weight so it is extremely portable. This unit can also be connected to an AC adapter for external power.

This device is affordable and easy-to-use. It is particularly ideal for industries that are just beginning to measure whiteness or need multiple devices that are reliable yet affordable. The functionality of this instrument is user-friendly and does not perform any unneeded processes. This makes things simple. There are five steps to operate the CR-14- switch on the power, select the display mode, perform white calibration, place on sample and press button, and then measurement results are shown on the display.

The CR-14 has a protective cap. This allows direct measurement of pastes or powders without needing to fill a cell. This device is printer-ready in case you need a hard copy of your results. An optional vinyl protection case is available.

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