MM-4e Controlled Lighting

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The MM-4e light booth provides five spectrally different sources of illumination for precise color comparison and visual color assessment, easy detection of metamerism, and environment lighting duplication. Included with the MM-4e is a new digital control that confirms which source you have selected with an illuminated push button. This also provides easy one touch automatic light source sequencing.


  • Store Light (CWF or TL84)
  • Artificial Daylight (D65 or D50)
  • Your Choice (TL84, TL83, D50, 30U)Ultraviolet (BLB UVA )
  • Home Light (Horizon or Incandescent A)
  • Additional built-in Daylight lamp timer


MM-4e Light Booth: Viewing Area 14.25″ x 24″ x 16″ (36 cm x 61 cm x 41 cm) Munsell N7/ neutral gray surround
Standard Light Sources120 Volt Models230 Volt Models
Daylight*:Artificial Daylight (D65)Artificial Daylight (D65)
Store Light:Cool White FluorescentTL84 Fluorescent
Home Light:Incandescent (Illuminant A)Incandescent (Illuminant A)
Optional*:TL83 3000K standardTL83 3000K standard
Ultraviolet:UVA (BLB)UVA (BLB)
*Other fluorescent viewing sources can be substituted upon request.

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