Specim FX

A trio of hyperspectral imaging cameras built for industrial machine vision

FX series cameras are unique to the category of hyperspectral imaging devices as their design was developed from the specific point of view of the industrial user. The result of that focus is a group of highly durable hyperspectral imaging instruments built small enough to fit into a multitude of spaces—with deliberately high frame rates to meet industrial speed requirements. Using a zero contact, non-destructive optical method, these FX cameras are able, with 100% imaging coverage, to provide classification of a target substance’s chemical composition.

An Integrated Solution
Although each of the three cameras in the series has its own set of unique qualities and applications, they share important features that set them apart from other hyperspectral scanning devices. They are all also designed with commonalities that make the cameras interchangeable for use on a project, without the need for calibration.

In addition to working together, the FX cameras maintain compatibility with existing and new sorting lines. A standard interface to commercial machine vision systems makes for consistent identification using FX data results that communicate with sorting machines such as robotic hands or air jet. The data recorded with commercial machine vision solution software and each camera’s multiple regions of interest (MROI) capability puts the focus where it is needed to produce reliable inspection results.

The latest version of the camera’s software package, FX firmware, is available for quick and easy camera updating in the lab, on the go, or onsite.

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• Small to fit into a multitude of spaces
• Lightweight for easy transport
• Zero-contact, non-destructive
• 100% imaging coverage with MROI capability
• Interchangeable without calibration
• Compatible with existing and new systems
• Software updates on the go

Take a closer look at each of the FX series cameras, features and applications.

FX10 (VNIR: 400-1000 nm region)

FX10 is an out-of-the-box hyperspectral imaging camera designed for industrial and laboratory use. Operating on visible light and near-infrared region, this lightweight hyperspectral imaging device is a heavyweight champion in its ability to detect far beyond what is possible with either the human eye or an RGB camera. It is also a high-speed machine, with a CMOS sensor with 512 spatial pixels and 220 spectral channels supporting 330 fps at full resolution.

Among its many applications, FX10 is widely used for hyperspectral scanning in vegetation and agriculture inspection as well as phenotyping, color and density in printing, mining, recycling, black plastics, and food quality. This is an instrument so sensitive it can detect the onset of disease in a plant before there are any outward signs; the development of bruises inside a perfect looking apple.


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FX17 (VNIR: 900-1700 nm region)


High sensitivity and detection accuracy beyond the capability of any other inspection method makes the FX17 hyperspectral imaging camera an industry stand-out. As it operates on the near infra-red region, FX17 informs on the finest details: the percentage of moisture in a muffin, the sugar level of a potato, even specific types of plastics being recycled. Its high image speed and resolution of 640 pixels, add to its effectiveness in hyperspectral scanning for commercial use in waste sorting, recycling, threat detection, security, and food & feed inspection.

Small and lightweight, its built-in self-correcting image feature makes the workload even lighter, with non-uniformity, bad pixels, and automatic image enhancement (AIE) being addressed by the camera automatically. 224 bands of wavelength are available at no cost and its unified wavelength calibration between cameras means you never have to be concerned with data-matching from device to device. Integration with standard analysis software is another benefit of this hyperspectral imaging camera designed for ease-of-use in every possible way.

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FX50 (MWIR-2.7-5.3um)

When concepting for FX hyperspectral imaging cameras, it was important to include a medium wavelength infrared option for specific hyperspectral data collection. Especially built for harsh industrial environments, this small, lightweight camera does a mighty big job of sorting plastics (black ABS, PE and PS in particular), playing a key role in industries such as geology and mining as well as in the detection of elements within metals. Easy installation is also a key factor for onsite use in these industries, as is the high frame rate necessary to facilitate high sorting throughput.

As is the case with all the FX models, FX50 communicates through standard interfaces with commercial analysis software and easily shares its hyperspectral imaging data between FX devices without recalibration.

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