Measuring Haze with a Spectrophotometer

Hazy samples generally appear lighter in color than they actually are. This results from forward scattering of light from the sample’s surface or from within. This phenomenon of distortion has been particularly vexing to the packaging industry, where transparent packaging so often covers the product being marketed.

A thin transparent film is normally used to cover products such as fresh fruit or ground beef. If the film is less than clear, it will affect the appearance of the product under the film. The product may not look good enough to take home. The Konica Minolta CM-5 and SpectraMagic NX2 can be used to analyze and report Haze of a plastic film. The CM-5 conforms to ASTM test method D1003. The Haze, using the CM-5 Spectrophotometer and SpectraMagic NX2 will report a correlated Haze value. Measuring Haze is an important tool in helping manufacturers to produce a more consistent and uniform quality for thin plastics or clear plastic film.

Konica Minolta’s CM-5 Spectrophotometer and SpectraMagic NX2 allows for measurement of Haze with the use of a custom template. This is an important step in the quality control process in the packaging industry. This cutting-edge technology eliminates the need for special haze meters and streamlines quality control procedures. The accuracy of color measurements, overall quality, and efficiency are all improvedwith use of this new spectrophotometer.

When you need to analyze your clear plastic film or film samples, there’s no better choice than Konica Minolta’s CM-5 Spectrophotometer and SpectraMagic NX2. It is a revolutionary way to quantify Haze for more reliable color measurements. To read more about product uses and features, to see a comprehensive list of equipment features, to view the included and suggested additional accessories, or to otherwise learn more about the CM-5 Spectrophotometer, please visit

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