Satisfy Your Color Measurement Needs

If you are interested in measuring color for any reason then you should be looking into Konica Minolta’s high-end spectrophotometers. Of course, there are quite a few spectrophotometers to choose from, and if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for you may feel pretty overwhelmed. To make the process easier, we try to provide some information for the customer who is unclear about what he or she wants.

“Why would I need to measure color?”

There are actually many reasons why someone would want to use a spectrophotometer for color measurement. For example, spectrophotometers are used for selecting precise shades of paint for home remodeling endeavors. But color measurement also comes in handy in any field which puts to use a range of colors for its products. The cosmetic and automotive industries use a vast array of colors for products like lipsticks, nail polishes, and automobiles. To create and inspect these carefully designed colors, industries implement reliable color measurement devices, like Konica Minolta’s spectrophotometers.

“How does color measurement work?”

The language of color measurement can get pretty technical, but the concept of the spectrophotometer is easy for anyone to grasp. Simply put, a spectrophotometer is equipped with sensors which measure light. The light is measured at a variety of wavelength intervals, ensuring that the spectrophotometer’s reading is a highly accurate color measurement. And the great thing about Konica Minolta’s latest spectrophotometers is that they are user-friendly, so a customer does not have to know the finer details of color measurement to make use of the product. With the CM-5 product, for example, one can measure color easily by simply following the instructions which appear on the product’s screen.

“Which spectrophotometer should I buy?”

With so many spectrophotometers to choose from, it can be hard to know which is right for you. It helps to consider your purpose for the spectrophotometer. Will you need to carry it with you? There are portable and hand-held spectrophotometers as well as benchtop models for keeping in one place. Do you have to measure the color of a particularly large subject or an uneven surface? There are spectrophotometers which are specifically designed to meet those criteria of color measurement. Are you working in the science or pharmaceutical field? Are you in cosmetics? When reading through the product descriptions, keep your desired intent for your spectrophotometer in mind. The choice will become much easier than you would expect!

Check out the Color Measurement product page on the Konica Minolta website to explore the many types of state-of-the-art spectrophotometers which can serve your color measurement needs.

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