What Color is a Tennis Ball?

Although the question is apparently simple, its answer often generates poles of opposition and controversy. Human vision is very subjective in this regard that the answer is green for some and yellow for others.

At some point this question went viral and reached the ears of Roger Federer, one of the great tennis players of recent decades, who chose yellow, even after thinking a little and remaining somewhat dubious.

His answer, although hesitant, was correct, he was right. He and all those who responded the same would have been more confident in their statement if they had the right technology to do this type of color measurement, like Konica Minolta Sensing’s CM-17d spectrophotometer.

The CM-17d spectrophotometer’s reflectance technology enables accurate color measurement by recording how light reflects off the surface of the ball and analyzing this data to identify the exact color. By emitting light through a series of specific wavelengths, the CM-17d measures the reflectance of the ball’s surface. When this light hits the surface, some of it is reflected back to the spectrophotometer, which records the intensity of this reflected light at each wavelength. This detailed process ensures that measurements are accurate and consistent, allowing for accurate identification of the color of the tennis ball.

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