Vehicle Displays 2021

Detroit, MI

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September 28th – 29th 2021

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9:00am – 5:00pm EDT

About Our Event

Join us at the 28th annual symposium of Vehicle Displays Detroit Virtual Expo 2021.

Konica Minolta Sensing will be highlighting its latest progressive probes now made available to more various types of modern display technologies. Used with our highly recognized Display Color Analyzer CA-410, these new progressive probes are designed particularly for AR/VR micro-display and curved OLED display applications for luminance, chromaticity, and flicker (in JEITA, VESA and FMA). These new small spot probes measure ⌀2.1mm, ⌀4mm and viewing angle characteristics with our ⌀10mm long-working distance probe.

Additionally, we will have on display our LumiCam 2400, perfect for versatile automotive test applications, including measurement of luminance and color distributions of displays and control elements or uniformity analysis of flat panel display screens in car interiors.

Visit us at our in-person booth anytime between September 28th-September 29th and discuss with our experienced sales and engineers staff to see how we can best fulfill your needs.

Follow these easy steps:
1. Register at SID Vehicle Display now
2. Visit our booth #64 between September 28th-29th and meet our team!

Featured Products

CA-410 Display Color Analyzer

CA-410 Display Color Analyzer

The greater intensity and wider color gamut of OLED devices have created a need for a new level in measurement performance. The high accuracy of Konica Minolta’s CA Series Display Color Analyzers has become the standard within the display industry. Our customers have come to expect value and superior technology found in Konica Minolta’s analyzers.

LumiCam 1300/2400 Series

LumiCam 1300/2400 Series

As an imaging measurement system, the LumiCam 2400 captures the luminance and color distributions of screens or multifunction displays within seconds. It provides 5-megapixel images which present the spatially resolved measured values coded for luminance and chromaticity. The LumiCam 2400 models are perfect for versatile automotive test applications, e.g. measurement of luminance and color distributions of displays and control elements or uniformity analysis of flat panel display screens in car interiors.

Booth Staff

Randy Klimek

Randy Klimek

Sales Manager (Radiometric and Instrument Systems), Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc.

Randy is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology’s Imaging and Photographic Technology B.S. program with a minor in Mathematics. He has held positions with the Department of Energy’s Laboratory for Laser Energetics, and GretagMacbeth. During his tenure at KMSA, he has held the positions of Technical Support Manager, Project Manager, Application Engineering Manager, Midwestern Sales Manager, Northeast Sales Manager, and currently oversees all sales of light and display instrumentation within North and South America. Randy specializes in light and color measurement instrumentation and software technologies applicable to a broad scope of industrial and scientific use, and applies this expertise to solve problems faced by industry and research alike.

Mark Lyon

Mark Lyon

Regional Sales Manager (Midwest, Radiometrics), Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc.

Mark has an advanced knowledge of KMSA products, supporting a subset of the company’s light, display and former 3D shape product lines. In his current role, Mark has a strong foothold in the automotive industry supporting major manufacturer requirements for world class light measurement solutions.

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