CM-512m3A Spectrophotometer (Discontinued)

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The Konica Minolta CM-512m3A is a multi-angle spectrophotometer that was created for use with metallic paints. The device has 0° viewing and illumination angles at 25°, 45°, and 75° that work with an exclusive geometry.

The device’s unique geometry offers an orientation error free symmetry that is often found lacking in other multi-angle devices. This device’s illumination provides impressively accurate results on both traditional and curved surfaces making formerly difficult samples such as door handles and vehicle mirror bodies easily measurable. The lack of moving parts makes the handheld CM-512m3A is very hearty and rugged.

Using the CM-512m3A is easy, even for those operating it for the first time. In fact it is among the simplest and most straightforward spectrophotometers on the market. With a single function, this versatile instrument’s multi-angle design takes measurements from 25°, 45° and 75° simultaneously.

While it’s easy to use, this spectrophotometer was built with advanced technologies that provide users with a number of versatile functions while maintaining the high levels of accuracy Konica Minolta is known for.

For example, In order to eliminate workpiece orientation effects, we’ve designed the CM-512m3A to bring illumination to the measuring area from 18 radial directions. The device is portable and shows precise color measurement data on an easy-to-read display. This makes it the ideal instrument for use on production lines where no computer is handy in which to feed data.

Users can perform both manual average and automatic average measurements with this spectrophotometer. Quality control functions are simple – determining if a measured color is inside a set range is accomplished with a quick glance at the display. The instrument stores 440 target and measurement data items.

You can learn more about the CM-512m3A spectrophotometer’s Features, Specifications and Accessories by clicking the tabs above. Through the Support tab, you can download a catalog and an owner’s manual and read a product case study from Clemson University.

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