CM-3600d Spectrophotometer (Discontinued)

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View our latest version of this instrument, the CM-3600A.

The CM-3600d bench-top spectrophotometer is an exceptionally accurate instrument which can be controlled by a PC using Windows software. It has the capability of measuring at 10nm over a full range of wavelengths from 360-740nm using double-beam technology and a dual-channel sensor.

The CM-3600d includes components which reduce time switching between SCI and SCE and filter movements. It is equipped with three measurement diameters, 25.4mm, 8mm, and 4mm to easily measure various sample sizes. This instrument is highly advanced, with features for numerical gloss and UV control as well as having the ability to measure the color of transparency. The device is compact and features a viewfinder, making it lightweight and easy to measure from a seated position.

This instrument is compatible with SpectraMagic NX software which is easy-to-use and displays multiple views of data results which can be edited. Target data of the primary target can be associated to two or more secondary targets, allowing for sophisticated QC applications, such as checking for color difference.

A variety of graphs can be used to display information, preconfigured templates are available, and a status window is available to show instrument information at a glance. Data compiled with older software is compatible and can be transferred to the newest updated software. If Excel is needed to show data, the information can also be easily exported. A Navigation Function and Color Tutorial are included with the software for additional information.


  • Accurate and repeatable highly accurate which makes it ideal for research and development
  • 3 measurement diameters 25.4, 8, and 4mm
  • Advanced features can measure transparent colors, numerical gloss and UV control
  • Requires less repairs made with a minimum of moving parts, so repairs are rarely necessary
  • d/8 optical system makes the instrument compliant with all relevant standards
  • Controlled by PC can be controlled by a PC using Windows software
  • Compact light-weight design
  • Viewfinder makes measurements easy from a seated position
  • 10nm interval measurements can measure at 10nm intervals over a full range of wavelengths from 360 to 740nm


Illuminating/viewing system Reflectance: d/8 (diffuse illumination/8 ° viewing angle), capable of simultaneous SCI (specular component included)/SCE (specular component excluded) measurement. Conforms to CIE No. 15, ISO 7724/1, ASTM E-1164, DIN 5033 Teil 7, and JIS Z8722 Condition C standards. Transmittance: d/0 (diffuse illumination/0 ° viewing angle). Conforms to CIE No. 15, ASTM E-1164, DIN 5033 Teil 7 standards
Detector Dual 40-element silicon photodiode arrays
Spectral separation device Diffraction grating
Wavelength range 360 to 740nm
Wavelength pitch 10nm
Half bandwidth Approx. 10nm
Photometric range 0 to 200%; Display resolution: 0.01%
Sphere size Φ152mm
Light source Four pulsed xenon lamps
Measurement time Approximately 1.5s (until data output)
Minimum interval between measurements Approx. 4 seconds when SCI/SCE measured
Measurement/illumination areas Reflectance: Changeable between LAV, MAV, and SAV
LAV: Φ25.4mm/ Φ30m
MAV: Φ8mm/ Φ11m
SAV: Φ4mm/ Φ7mm
Transmittance: Approx. 17mm
Repeatability Spectral reflectance: Standard deviation within 0.1%
Colorimetric values: Standard deviation within Delta;E*ab 0.02
Inter instrument agreement Mean Delta;E*ab 0.15 (LAV/SCI) Average for 12 BCRA Series II color tiles compared to values measured with master body
Temperature dependence Spectral reflectance: Within +-; 0.10%/ °C
Color difference: Within Delta;E*ab 0.05/ °C
UV adjustment Instantaneous numerical adjustment
UV cut filters 400nm cutoff and 420nm cutoff
Transmittance chamber Witdh: 133mm, Depth: Approx. 50mm;
Measurement diameter: Approx. 17mm
Transmission sample holder (optional accessory): Sample holder; for both plate-shaped and liquid samples (removable)
Interface RS-232C, D-sub 9-pin (female) terminal
Power AC 120V/230V 50/60Hz (using included AC adapter)
Operating temperature/humidity range 13 to 33 °C, relative humidity 80% or less (at 33 °C) with no condensation
Storage temperature/humidity range 0 to 40 °C, relative humidity 80% or less (at 33 °C) with no condensation
Dimensions (W x H x D) 244 x 208 x 378mm
Weight 12kg
Standard accessories White Calibration Plate, Target Mask ( Φ4mm), Target Mask ( Φ8mm), Target Mask ( Φ25.4mm), Zero Calibration Box, AC Adapter, Dust Cover, Accessory Case, Unit Driver, RS-232C Cable (9-pin, 2m)
Optional accessories Color Data Software SpectraMagic trade; NX, Transmittance Specimen Holder, Cell (2mm)/(10mm)/(20mm), Transmittance Zero Calibration Plate, RS-232C Cable (IBM PC/AT; 5m)/(IBM PS/2; 2m)/(IBM PS/2; 5m)

Included Accessories

CM-A103 White Cal Plate w/ Disc
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CM-A104 Zero Cal Box
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CM-A105 Target Mask (25.4mm)
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CM-A106 Target Mask (8mm)
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CM-A107 Target Mask (4mm)
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CM-A108 Unit Driver
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CM-A109 Accessory Case
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CM-A110 Dust Cover
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IF-A12 RS-232C Cable (IBM PC/AT) 2M
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Suggested Accessories

CM-A100 Transmittance Zero Cal. Plate
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CM-A130 Plastic Cell (2mm) 100 per box
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CM-A96 Transmittance Specimen Holder
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CM-A97 Cell (2mm)
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CM-A98 Cell (10mm)
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CM-A99 Cell (20mm)
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IF-A13 RS-232C Cable (IBM PC/AT) 5M
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IF-A14 RS-232C Cable (IBM PS2) 2M
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IF-A14 RS-232C Cable (IBM PS2) 5M
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Plastic Cell CM-A130 (2mm) 100 per box
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Plastic Cell CM-A131 (10mm) 100 per box
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Plastic Cell CM-A132 (20mm) 100 per box
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