T-10/T-10M Illuminance Meters (Discontinued)

T-10/T-10M Illuminance Meters

View our latest version of this instrument, the T-10A/T-10MA Illuminance Meter.

The T-10 and T-10M illuminance meters are Lux meters used wherever the lux measurement, or illumination strength, of light striking a certain location, is needed for evaluation. The lux meter also has the ability to calculate the average values and illumination and display them on the LCD screen.

These lux meters enable comparison of illuminance values that can be displayed as a difference or percentage value. Target levels can be entered into the lux meter by measurement or manually using the keypad. The T-10 series of lux meters has the ability to automatically calibrate after switching on the device, measure continuous and intermittent light sources, and users can enter color correction factors for adaptation to certain light sources.

This lux meter features a very large measurement range of 0.01 to 299,900 lx and automatic range switching. The receptor head is removable to accommodate various types of measurements. Plus, users have the ability to connect multiple up to 30 receptor heads through a serial port so measurements can be taken at several points simultaneously without moving the lux meter. This feature is especially convenient for large movie screens requiring the measurement of various areas simultaneously.

The T-10M lux meter has a 14mm diameter measurement area, ideal for tight spaces. The lux meter is battery operated for increased portability, and is capable of measuring flickering light.

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