Technical Support


Optimize your Konica Minolta Sensing technology investment

While Konica Minolta Sensing products are designed to be intuitive and easy to use, our application specialists ease the transition to new technology and teach even seasoned professionals how to optimize equipment productivity. To ensure customers continue to make the most of their equipment, the company can also train new operators hired during its life cycle.

Training sessions are led by experienced, certified trainers, assuring your personnel obtain a full understanding of our hardware, software solutions, and color and light sciences. Training ensures personnel of all levels are up to speed; meeting the demanding needs associated with industrial measurement systems. Our sessions also provide assistance in how to properly install, set-up, configure, and utilize our instruments and accompanying software.

Konica Minolta Sensing’s on-site technical or product training occurs directly at a customer-specified location. Training encompasses technology use as required for specific applications. Users and technicians can learn in their own environment, often enabling them to apply the knowledge more quickly.

On-Site Training experts can:

  • Tailor classes to meet specific topic requests
  • Provide insight into technology and testing applications
  • Develop hands-on activities to create a practical environment for learning about the technology and products

If on-site training is not the desired method of training, Konica Minolta Sensing also offers technical and product training online, where you can participate from the convenience of your desktop. Online training is available for both equipment and software products.

If you are interested in learning more about on-site training or to schedule training at your location, simply complete the form below.

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