3 Ways Connectivity Lowers Warranty Costs

Connectivity is driving the reduction in warranty costs for automakers. Critical data is gathered at every step of the vehicle build process, captured, processed, and exchanged at an unprecedented rate never seen before. So too, is that happening with the surface integrity of the vehicle. From what the customer sees to what the customer admires, the painted surfaces must glimmer firmly and resonate deeply. Visually wowing, the customer starts with the e-coat and primer stage carrying through to the final topcoat. Now more than ever, the controlled process of intense detection of flaws and blemishes is providing predictable and manageable data to swart off the potential future warranty claim. For example, defects as tiny as 1.5mm are indicative of dirt particles or paint runs. Both defects are visible to the naked eye and require extensive rework finessing before shipping the vehicle.

Clear and concise detection of dirt particles, scratches, fishers, and orange peel helps paint process teams predictably manage the condensation levels, paint flow settings, and conveyor speeds to optimize the final finish of the vehicle. This level of detection can only happen with connected devices. Digital vision systems on moving paint lines have proven to provide strong ROI for many automakers, some experiencing a complete ROI in under one year of digital adoption. Advanced connected devices lead to reduced rework labor, quality improvements, and lower maintenance costs and savings.

Unprecedented amounts of data are created, with over 10,000 digital impressions per vehicle is being captured, formatted, and digitized for audit reconciliation. The Esfi® paint scanner looks at each surface of the vehicle millimeter by millimeter and digitizes the entire surface rendering the data compliant or non-compliant. This analysis happens on moving lines with short cycle times. The interconnected digital technology tools developed by EINES Vision Systems make the quick analysis of large sets of data possible, thereby enabling managers to respond rapidly to ever-changing conditions.

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