CL-500A: One of the Best Spectrophotometers on the Market

The CL-500A Illuminance Spectrophotometer, only from Konica Minolta Sensing, is a state-of-the-art light measurement device. It is widely used to evaluate light quality in airports, offices, hospitals and more. But, what sets it apart from other, less expensive spectrophotometers? Let’s find out.

One company used the CL-500A for an unusual light measurement task: making sure beach lights were emitting wavelengths safe for baby sea turtles.

Typically, after hatching, baby sea turtles are attracted to the moon reflecting off the water. However, lights emitting wavelengths within a certain range of nanometers might draw the turtles to them instead. Since this sort of illumination is normally in the opposite direction of the ocean, it presents a major problem for the hatchlings.

Ensuring healthy lighting was incredibly crucial to environmental workers and the safety of these hatchlings—that’s why they entrusted the CL-500A. Having previously used this spectrophotometer for indoor and outdoor lighting measurements, they found it to be superior to other brands. Since the spectrophotometer showed individual color spectrums and R values (measurements for the Color Rendering Index), less trial and error is involved when compared to other instruments.

Additionally, the CL-500A can accurately provide foot-candle measurements of amber LEDs in wildlife environments, while other light measurement meters can underreport these measurements by large amounts. It even includes the data management software, CL-s10w, as a standard accessory. Users can follow a template for expressing the chromaticity variation of illumination light sources, making it easy to distinguish color difference that closely match visual judgement.

Back in Florida, thanks to the CL-500A, accurate readings were taken and the Florida Wildlife Commission affirmed that the baby turtles were safe. None of that would have been possible with any other device. How can the CL-500A help you? Learn more and order your CL-500A Illuminance Spectrophotometer today.

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