Color Changing Clothes Move Fashion Forward!

Ever get up late, get dressed in a hurry, get all the way to work and realize your outfit is completely mismatched? Let’s face it we’ve all at least had the “Is that a blue sock or a black sock?” dilemma more than once. It’s high time something is done about it, and as usual there’s an innovator ready with an answer that is sure to blow your mind. Imagine a world where the color of clothes and accessories can be changed at will. Well, get excited cause that technology has arrived!

For the fashionable professional woman who may have to change her outfit from day to night or for different meetings the ALGARA smart jewelry pendant makes sure her accessories always match. ALGARA is a White Jade stone encased in an 18K gold plated mount that can change to match your day, mood, or lifestyle. Using the mobile app you can take a picture of your outfit and the app will present you with matching or complimentary choices so that your jewelry always matches what you’re wearing. The stone can be removed and attached to a number of jewelry extensions so you can transform it into a necklace, bracelet or even a hairpin.

But what about the gents? Well, four Norwegian graduates from the Oslo school of Architecture and Design had developed a color interactive shirt called the Interacket. Designed initially to teach people the kinds of interactions that animals have with their environment, the Interacket, uses LED lights attached to tiny computer micro controllers. Thanks to this nifty technology, the jacket can temporarily absorb whatever the color the wearer touches. Wearers can even touch two colors at once to get an extra funky look.

While the effect isn’t permanent it looks like interactive color changing street wear is just around the corner!

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