Flexible Screens Just Around the Bend Due to OLED Technology

While most of us don’t intend to abuse our smartphones on a regular basis, human error and unfortunate accidents have been smashing and cracking the screens on our phones since they were first manufactured. Thankfully, this problem seems to have an expiration date. Due to the recent surge of interest and research on OLED technology, future smart phone owners will enjoy thinner, more durable and even more flexible screens.

Flexible OLED panels are manufactured on a flexible foundation made from a durable material like plastic, metal or even flexible glass. First generation flexible OLED screened phones like Samsung and LG’s upcoming flexible screen models will not necessarily be bendable for end users. Most likely the screens will be slightly curved or bent around a curved frame but remain immovable. On the plus side these phones will be lighter, thinner and possess more screen durability due to OLED technology.

Happily, for those wanting to be able to bend their smartphone screens without concern the second generation of these flexible phones are expected to be bendable by users. Expect to have to fight for them at the checkout counter; both LG and Samsung will only be producing a few of these phones at first to see how consumers react to the new curved display. They also will be pretty expensive. The new flexible screen Galaxy Round launched in Korea last year has been selling for approximately $1,000.

Phones aren’t the only electronics benefiting from OLED technology; televisions, lighting fixtures, and even smart watches will all be implementing OLED technology to future models. Some of the challenges involve finding a backplane that is as durable as the screens and finding surface barriers that keep the screen’s OLEDS firmly in place.

With these challenges, being able to accurately test the resilience and the thickness of these barriers will become essential to electronics manufacturers. Additional testing for light reflectance, ambient light and OLED systems will also be at the very forefront of lighting technology research for the next few years. Konica Minolta has a number of instruments that can accomplish such measurements quickly and accurately. Contact us today to learn more!

To accomplish quick and accurate measurements, the following products are recommended:

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