Got an Extra Sweet Tooth Lately? LEDs May Be Why

Can’t resist that last minute candy bar? The next time you find yourself buying some extra candy at your local food or convenience store it may be because of LED lighting. In a study conducted by Envirosell in 2012, it became apparent that most consumers did not consider making on the spot checkout purchases because the displays were not noticeable. This number was a substantial amount, around 59% of consumers polled, leaving those in charge of large confectionery companies with a significant problem. How could they go about making their products more enticing and increase their impulse purchase sales at the checkout counter?

In the simplest sense the solution would lie in making their check-out counter displays more noticeable. Front end designs at the checkout counter are crucial because they are the last opportunity to make a good impression with shoppers. One way to do this was by integrating LED lights into the displays. LED technology had already proved itself in both fresh food aisles and cosmetics. Could LED displays also improve confectionery sales? The answer was a resounding, “YES”. After installing new displays with LED lights integrated into the design, confectioners reported that not only were the new displays more noticeable, they were also more profitable.

By January 2013, confectionery companies saw sales increase by 10 to 12% in test markets where LED displays were used. This increase occurred regardless of candy type or brand. The one major difference was the display used to show the candy. According to researchers, the reasons why these displays have been so successful are because they are more inviting, and more eye catching than unlit candy displays. The increasing use of LEDs in retail is sure to make measuring, and testing LEDs even more crucial to creating profitable displays. Having access to highly accurate light measurement equipment, like testing systems from Konica Minolta, can give your business the competitive edge.

To ensure accurate light measurement, the following products are recommended:

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