LED Headlights Revolutionize Car Lighting

With major LED technology advances in nearly every industry, it’s not surprising that they are having a massive impact on a variety of applications for the automotive industry. Car manufacturers are looking to standardize LED headlights in a number of car makes and models in the next few years due to their extraordinary benefits.

The first and most obvious of these benefits is that the presence of LEDs in headlight designs increases driver visibility; they are brighter and show greater detail. This allows the driver to have additional support when driving in low light conditions or during inclement weather. Another advantage is LEDs are highly directional; they can reduce glare and discomfort for oncoming traffic even though LEDs headlights are significantly brighter. This is because all the light output is designed to be projected where they need to be – on the road.

An LED headlight lasts much longer than current standard headlights, which means greater durability and lower cost for maintenance. Additionally, they allow car designers and manufacturers to explore striking new headlight designs, while integrating cutting edge technology like smart headlights, auto dimming, and cornering LEDs that bend with the road as cars begin to take a turn.

Certain LED headlight models use so little power that it actually has a positive impact on a vehicle’s fuel efficiency and reduces CO2 emissions. With gas prices ever increasing, innovations like fuel efficient LED headlights will definitely attract buyer attention, making them more marketable, more eco-friendly, and more helpful for owners looking to stretch each fill up a few extra miles.

The list of benefits and innovations that have followed the inclusion of LED headlights goes on and on. With LEDs becoming the lighting source of choice, LED testing and quality assurance is also becoming essential for anyone looking to produce a superior product that includes them. Konica Minolta has a number of highly accurate, quick and efficient turnkey LED testing systems capable of providing detailed, precise measurements consistently. To learn more fill out an online inquiry or call us today to speak to one of our customer support specialists today.

For quick and efficient LED testing, the CAS 120 or CAS 140CT matched with one of Instrument Systems integrating spheres is recommended.

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