New Advances in Jaundice Light Treatment

Jaundice develops when the body cannot excrete bilirubin, a chemical that naturally occurs as red blood cells come apart. The more the chemical builds up, the yellower someone’s skin becomes. In newborns who haven’t yet developed the enzymes that allow their bodies to get rid of bilirubin, jaundice isn’t just common, it can also cause permanent damage or even death. While first world countries have the technology and money to treat children (usually relying on special blue-light lamps), these remedies are often too expensive for those in less developed nations and as a result over 150,000 newborns are negatively affected by it.

A new treatment pioneered by a study in Nigeria could be the answer. Half of the newborn participants sat with their mothers in an outside glass canopy that eliminates harmful rays while allowing wavelengths that treat the condition through. The other half received conventional phototherapy. Healthcare professionals treated infants in both trials with at least five hours of light and monitored them to ensure no sunburns, dehydration or overheating occurred. The new method was found to be just as efficient and safe as the artificial blue lights. Following the success of the experiment, scientists are now researching ways to use these filters in greenhouses or similar structures in order to duplicate this therapy in regions that are windy, rainy or have other adverse weather conditions.

Jaundice, a common ailment in newborns, has been treatable in babies in the first world since the 1960s. These new structures could make treatment accessible in regions without access to blue light technology. It is a lower cost, highly efficient and more reliable solution. Scientists say that by using a slightly different filter, even overcast days will still provide enough light for therapy.

Konica Minolta Sensing has the instruments needed to ensure that sunlight is being correctly filtered by these structures. Our light meters are capable of measuring the light that is produced and used to treat babies with jaundice. As new medical procedures and treatments are created, Konica Minolta Light Meters allow you to keep pace with ever evolving medical technology.

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