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CS-2000 & CS-2000A Spectroradiometers

Konica Minolta Sensing America’s award winning CS-2000 series spectroradiometers measure extremely low luminance levels while recording full spectral and chromaticity data. With a dynamic range, up to 10 million to 1, the CS2000A was specifically developed to measure weak signals that other meters cannot measure. Like “the black” of today’s modern high performance displays. Collecting light from small spots means these instruments can measure large contrasts, both dark and light, in close proximity to each other. With 3 different viewing angles and a wide dynamic range, you can easily measure luminance and chromaticity of both light sources and displays. Common light source examples are LEDs, fluorescent tubes, and automobile lights. Displays used in a wide range of products such as cell phones, large – outdoor displays screens, and instrument panels. Display technologies such as Liquid Crystal, Plasma, organic electroluminescent, field emission, and OLED are measured. The CS2000 was engineered to overcome several common obstacles. Flashing and flickering lights can be synchronized up to 200 Hertz improving measurement accuracy. Multiple integrations modes permit stable measurements of periodic light sources or displays with unknown refresh cycle rates. Polarization error is reduced to fewer than 2%. This is critical when measuring LCDs which make use of polarizing filters needed for color accuracy. The CS2000 follows CIE standard 122-1996. Requiring 5nm optical half bandwidth with data points every nanometer, allowing highly accurate chromaticity measurements. Driven by the powerful software CS-S10w , the CS2000 and 2000A can be controlled from a personal computer to display measured data in various graphs or lists. CS-S10w software offers varied color spaces, illuminant references, calculations, and evaluation options to assist in product development, research and development or quality control. The CS-2000 and CS-2000A are ideal reference instruments for Konica Minolta’s illuminance meters in various industrial fields.

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