CS-1000A/S/T Spectroradiometer (spectral type) (Discontinued)

CS-1000A/S/T Spectroradiometer (spectral type)

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The portable Konica Minolta color meters are in their element when not only the brightness but also the color of light is to be measured. The wide selection offers the appropriate instrument for every application, from the simple tristimulus unit up to a spectroradiometer with spectral lenses.

Areas of application

Practically anything that illuminates can be measured with Konica Minolta s incident color meters. The possible uses range from research and development to production.

The CS-1000 Spectroradiometer gives the measurement of spectral power distribution, luminance, chromaticity and correlated color temperature of light sources, display devices and the non-contact measurement of reflective subjects. The CS-1000 is Konica Minolta s portable spectroradiometer, used for precise measurement of electromagnetic radiation in the visible spectrum. A high resolution photodiode cell accurately captures 380 nm to 780 nm in 0.9 nm wavelength intervals. The CS-1000 is therefore ideal for absolute measurement of TFT monitors, LCD s, fluorescent lamps, LED s, etc. The polarisation error is minimized to below 5% by a special light wave conductor optic inside the CS-1000. An electrically-cooled sensor and time current measurements optimises the signal to noise relationship and lead to an excellent repeatability and measurement accuracy even with very dark light sources.

The SLR (single lens reflex) optical system allows precise targeting and ensures a parallax free view. The viewfinder image shows the measurement peripheral; the actual measurement light reaches the sensor at an angle of 1 deg through a hole in the mirror. That way, polarisation problems caused by beam distributors or vibrations caused by a moving mirror are avoided. A large display shows the radiant physical and photometric values. The memory can hold 50 sets of data, 20 of which can be used as reference values for difference measurements.

The CS-1000A is equipped with two lenses in the standard configuration, a 50 mm standard lens and a 50 mm macro lens for the measurement of small objects. In addition, there are two additional lenses and extensive accessories for special tasks. To increase the accuracy, the lenses are included in the calibration process of the instrument and are matched to the instrument by serial number.

The CS-1000S Small Area Model

Konica Minolta has developed a small area model for very small objects like backlit symbols on keys and switches. This CS-1000S is delivered with a 1x 3x zoom lens that allows measurements as small as 0.45 mm in diameter. With it, even the smallest surfaces can be measured.

The CS-1000T Small Angle Model

The small angle model is put into service when small surfaces must be measured from larger distances, (hot objects for example). Its 0.14 deg angle of measurement allows the measurement of areas only 1.2mm from up to half a metre away. From two metres away the measurement area is only 1 cm!

* The CS-1000A, CS-1000S, and CS-1000T have been withdrawn from sales as of December, 2007.

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