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Spectrophotometers | Konica Minolta Sensing


Spectrophotometers from Konica Minolta Sensing are the instrument of choice for measuring the color and appearance of opaque, transparent, translucent, and fluorescent samples under various illuminants in a variety of either field or lab environments.

Our spectrophotometers offer the highest possible accuracy and inter-instrument agreement (IIA) levels.

To find which solution best fits your needs; please browse through our information base below to learn more about Konica Minolta Sensing’s line of spectrophotometers.


How does a spectrophotometer work?

Measure Color in the Cosmetics Industry

Konica Minolta Sensing CM-700d Spectrophotometer

White Papers

Controlling the Color of Plastics

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Case Studies

Establishing a Quality Process for Product Color Consistency

Food Industry Color Control

Color Measurement Learning Center

Color Measurement Learning Center