The UHD Alliance and the Future of Television

With the explosion of display innovations in the last decade, the increased competition has also meant that keeping in step with the latest technology trends has become more and more of a gamble for consumers. Case in point, consumers who backed HD DVDs in 2008 ended up losing out against the more popular Blu-Ray Discs. Bottom line? When technology wars happen, early adopters and uninformed consumers often get caught in the crossfire. Now, with technology companies pushing consumers toward UHD TVs, major players in the technology industry want to ensure that what happened with the Blu-Ray and HD DVD fiasco doesn’t happen to consumers again.

Consumer electronic giants like Samsung, Netflix, Technicolor, and Disney decided to get together and create the UHD Alliance. This alliance has been tasked with the challenging goal of developing standards for UHD products. This includes cameras that capture UHD footage and the screens we watch them on. Together, the major players in the tech industry will bring many different ideas to the table and develop a solution that will hopefully keep consumers from getting burned by UHD technology that does not meet their standards.

Once these standards are established, it will be up to the manufacturers to make sure that their products adhere to them. If the established standards aren’t met, it will definitely lead to big consequences for both the manufacturer as well as the potential costs to customers.

When establishing and maintaining the quality displays and their components, Konica Minolta is highly committed to giving manufacturers access to high-quality light measurement instruments like the CS-3000 HDROur instruments have the sensitivity, precision, and accuracy required to meet industry standards.

About UHD Alliance

The UHD Alliance is a global coalition of leading film studios, TV brands, content distributors, post-production and technology companies that aim to create a unified criterion for premium UHD platforms, from devices to content including next generation features like 4K resolution, High Dynamic Range, Wide Color Gamut, High Frame Rate and Immersive Audio. The group is composed of DIRECTV, Dolby Laboratories, LG Electronics Inc., Netflix, Panasonic Corporation, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Sharp Corporation, Sony Visual Product Inc., Technicolor, The Walt Disney Studios, Twentieth Century Fox and Warner Bros. Entertainment.


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