CA-210 Color Analyzer (Discontinued)

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View our latest version of this instrument, the CA-410.

The CA-210 quickly, easily, and accurately measures the brightness and color of LCD light displays. Two different probes are available, each with different measurement diameters and cord lengths. Choose from a universal measuring probe or an LCD flicker measuring probe based on the necessity of the measurement.

The CA-310 measures at a speed of 20 cycles per second, is capable of measuring luminances as low as 0.1 deg cd/m2, and uses XYZ filters to approximate CIE 1931 Standard Observer. The instrument is perfectly suited to compact system designs since it can measure distances as short as 20-40mm. It features a unique optical system with an acceptance angle of +-2.5 deg, its four digit color display provides greater precision, and it can connect up to 5 probes.


  • Quick measurements – 20 cycles per second.
  • Easy to use – simple design.
  • Highly accurate/Multi-function – extremely accurate calculations of even low luminances using either a universal or LCD flicker measuring probes.
  • Unique optical system and color display – four digit color display for greater precision.
  • Connect up to 5 sensors – using the expansion board attachment, sold separately, have the capability to utilize up to 5 probes.


Model CA-210 Color Analyzer
Receptor Silicon photocell
Measurement area Phi;27mm
Acceptance angle plusmn;2.5 deg;; Pointing function: By LED
Measurement distance 30 plusmn;10mm
Display range Luminance
0.01 to 1000cd/m2
Displayed in 4- or 3-digit value (selectable)
Luminance Measurement range
Accuracy (for white) *1
Repeatability (2 sigma;) *1
0.10 to 1000cd/m2
plusmn;2%, plusmn;1 digit of reading (Temperature: 23 deg;C plusmn;2 deg;C; Relative humidity:(40 plusmn;10)%)
0.10 to 0.99cd/m2: 0.2%+1digit; 1.0 to 1000cd/m2: 0.1%+1digi
Chromaticity Measurement range
Accuracy *1
Repeatability (2 sigma;) *1
0.10 to 1000cd/m2
0.10 to 4.99cd/m2: plusmn;0.008 for white5.00 to 39.99cd/m2: plusmn;0.005 for white40.00 to 1000 cd/m2: plusmn;0.003 for white160 cd/m2: plusmn;0.002 for white; plusmn; 0.004 for monochrome *2
0.10 to 0.19cd/m2: 0.0150.20 to 0.49cd/m2: 0.0080.50 to 1.99cd/m2: 0.0032.00 to 1000 cd/m2: 0.001
Measurement speed (meas./sec.)
0.10 to 1.99 cd/m2: 5 (4.5) 4 cd/m2 or greater: 20 (17)
Display Digital
xyLv, XYZ, T Delta;uvLv, u #8217;v #8217;Lv, RGB analyze
Delta;x Delta;y Delta;Lv, R/G B/G Delta;G, Delta;R B/R G/R
LCD 16 characters times; 2 lines (with backlight)
Measurement subject Vertical synchronous frequency: 40 to 200Hz
Memory channels 100
Analyzer function Standard function
Interface USB (Rev. 1.1) or RS-232c (38,400 bps maximum)
Multi-point measurement Max. 5 points (using optional 4-Probe Expansion Board CA-B14)
Software Solutions SDK software (supplied as standard accessory)
Operating temperature/humidity range Temperature: 10 to 28 deg;C; Relative humidity 70% or less with no condensation. Luminance change: plusmn;2% plusmn;1 digit of reading for white; Chromaticity change: plusmn;0.002 for white, plusmn;0.006 for monochrome from reading of Konica Minolta #8217;s standard LCD *1, 160.0 cd/m2 at 23 deg;C 40%RH
Storage temperature/humidity range 0 to 28 deg;C: Relative humidity 70% or less with no condensation; 28 to 40 deg;C: Relative humidity 40% or less with no condensation
Input voltage range 100 to 240V~50/60Hz, 50VA
Dimensions (W times; H times; D) Main body: 340 times; 127 times; 216mmProbe: Phi;49 times; 204mm
Weight Main body: 3.58kg; Probe: 520g

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