CA-210 Color Analyzer (Discontinued)

View our latest version of this instrument, the CA-410.

The CA-210 quickly, easily, and accurately measures the brightness and color of LCD light displays. Two different probes are available, each with different measurement diameters and cord lengths. Choose from a universal measuring probe or an LCD flicker measuring probe based on the necessity of the measurement.

The CA-310 measures at a speed of 20 cycles per second, is capable of measuring luminances as low as 0.1 deg cd/m2, and uses XYZ filters to approximate CIE 1931 Standard Observer. The instrument is perfectly suited to compact system designs since it can measure distances as short as 20-40mm. It features a unique optical system with an acceptance angle of +-2.5 deg, its four digit color display provides greater precision, and it can connect up to 5 probes.

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